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La Dilettante

La Dilettante is a wine vinified by carbonic maceration on old vines from gravel grounds. The perfect mate to get together for an improvised drink around a snack or tapas. An extract from the guide Bettane et Desseauve : « A wine for every thirst. Fresh, fruity and perfectly tasty. The rate of second demand will be unreasonale. »

CEPAGE : Cabernet Franc
SOIL : Gravel, vines of 50 years
CULTURE : Organic
HARVEST : By hands
VINIFICATION : In the morning we lay delicately the grapes in a grenier tank of 45 HL to avoid the crush of the berry. Then we add gaz carbonic. The lack of oxygen inhibits yeast’s work and gives preferential treatment to the enzymatic action who degrades the berries. 3 weeks after that, we press the juice without those degraded berries.
ELEVAGE : Slowly the alcoholic fermentation starts in bourguignonnes barrels, then the malolactic fermentation starts. Regularly we air the wine so that the gaz carbonic goes away.

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