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The team

There are more than 160 movements from the vines to the bottle, we make all of them with passion, attention. This is our entire team.  


  • Pierre Breton : vine grower, wine maker, delivery man, honest drinker since 1985
  • Catherine Breton : wine maker, accountant, ambassador, grape-picker since 1989.
  • Manu Dallancon :vine grower, tractor driver, foreman and force man since 1998
  • Prisca Gaudy : receptive and available secretary from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday
  • Laurence Dallancon: from the vines to the labelling, she is everywhere with discretion since 1998
  • Et lili, magalie, Coco, for the vine and the storehouse….
  • The Harvest team: we harvest grapes in the beginning of October for about 10 days, you can contact us for the next one!
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